My new Dark Eldar army starts!

I’m trying to start playing 40k, but have few time to paint. So I need some quick magical scheme, that would give me instant results for gaming.

I gave it a tryout on Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors.


Color scheme here is:
– black basecoat
– Xereus Purple over
– Daemonette Hide vertical from airbrush
– Pallid Wych Flesh, as above
– White from airbrush, spots only

Then we add something interesting:
– sponge-applied Vallejo Air Rust
– Agrax Earthshade wash in recesses only
– weapons in black
– sponge-applied Vallejo Chrome on weapons

Then some detail and there we go: a repeatable, simple yet effective paint scheme for my renegade Dark (not so dark really) Eldar :)

Expect more of those in next wave, with Raiders, Venoms and other stuff! :)