Helbrute in progress

Here is a brand new Helbrute for Chaos Space Marine army. I’m beginning to paint it, the plan is to make a nice chaos-star base and a bit more dynamic pose to the model overall. Plus a lot of chipped paint. Stay tuned for update!



I painted this for 40k intro-gaming, along with 3 Warriors (need to photo them as well). The scheme is eye-candy with no real pro painting (gloss overall, only carapace is matt). This is a badass Alien villain the Marines will surely shoot at :)


Belegar Ironhammer

The new Dwarfs have come out, I gave a chance the new Belegar model. He is the King of Eight Peaks, wields a mighty hammer and a trustworthy magic shield. Model was a pleasure to assemble and paint, althought it looked a bit dull from the front, only until I came up with an idea to give him a special light effect on the base. This made my day really :)


My new Dark Eldar army starts!

I’m trying to start playing 40k, but have few time to paint. So I need some quick magical scheme, that would give me instant results for gaming.

I gave it a tryout on Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors.


Color scheme here is:
– black basecoat
– Xereus Purple over
– Daemonette Hide vertical from airbrush
– Pallid Wych Flesh, as above
– White from airbrush, spots only

Then we add something interesting:
– sponge-applied Vallejo Air Rust
– Agrax Earthshade wash in recesses only
– weapons in black
– sponge-applied Vallejo Chrome on weapons

Then some detail and there we go: a repeatable, simple yet effective paint scheme for my renegade Dark (not so dark really) Eldar :)

Expect more of those in next wave, with Raiders, Venoms and other stuff! :)

Herald of Slaanesh WIP

This is my new Daemonette of Slaanesh, just released by GW today.
Photos are ‘work in progress’, still much needs to be done for her to look good :)

I will post the finished images in a few days, so stay tuned!


Dragon Ogres of Chaos

Another mission accomplished today!

Dragon Ogres are ready and out on CoolMiniOrNot for you to vote.

They were real pleasure to paint and assebmle. This majestic-looking 3-Ogre regiment was made to carry great weapons. Box contains options also for 1 or 2 hand weapons, but I considered this option most formidable.
Paints used: acrylics, ‘liquid gold’ metalizers for armour plus some oil paint to give a soft highlight to the skin.

I hope you like them!

Also be looking at our auctions on eBay, there’s some interesting stuff there :)