Warriors of Chaos

Here’s a newly finished Skarr model. New from GW, this guy originally sports two flails, another helmeted head and additional plates of armor. I disliked the looks of that stuff, so my Skarr is made with alternative head from the blister and wields with just two axes. Looks more barbarian and more human. Still, mutilated by chaos (see flesh that lurks from beneath the skin).

Skarr Bloodwrath in progress

It is time to make some Warhammer models. This is the newest Skarr model (released yesterday). Work in progress. Model made with alternate head option. For me, much better than the ‘cover’ one. Still, not sure if I will attah the extra flails to the axes. Looks more classy without them.

Base made of PlayDoh :) A scrap piece that was left to dry for a long time, I find pieces like that in my kid’s room sometimes. Make perfect volcanic rock.