I painted this for 40k intro-gaming, along with 3 Warriors (need to photo them as well). The scheme is eye-candy with no real pro painting (gloss overall, only carapace is matt). This is a badass Alien villain the Marines will surely shoot at :)


Hive Tyrant WIP

Here are some photos of my new Hive Tyrant. The beast is assembled, now ready to begin painting!
I tried to make it as playable as possible, so I magnetized all the weapon options (talons, one evil gun, other evil gun) and they’ll be interchangeable. Also the body is made into 2 segments, which can be separated for transport. And the head stays on a magnet as well, so he may look in different directions :)
I will post an update on this model once it’s finished. It will be fun to paint I think. Stay sharp!