river trolls

River Trolls underway

Hi, I’d like to show you my new River Trolls. What is nice about them? Well, I got four of them out of a 3-box 😀 Fhe fourth one is emerging from the water, so I needed just head plus 2 hands. This was Przemo’s idea and I did all the glueing&painting.

UHU epoxy gluePoxipol TransparentI plan to make bases look like swampy, shallow water. For this, I use UHU Quickset epoxy glue – it’s perfect consistency and transparency. Yesterday I tried to use ‘Poxipol transparent’ instead, but it looked like sh*t… So if someone wants to do the same, I really recommend UHU.

As you can see, one Troll is quite finished (except the base) and the three others wait for applying highlights & saturating with inks.

On a group picture you can also see an old metal River Troll that I did before the new plastic box was released. My painting improved since then, but I still very much like the overall colours on this one plus the basing scheme which looks cool for me (again UHU epoxy glue).

I will update this when I get them finished!