dark eldar

My new Dark Eldar army starts!

I’m trying to start playing 40k, but have few time to paint. So I need some quick magical scheme, that would give me instant results for gaming.

I gave it a tryout on Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors.


Color scheme here is:
– black basecoat
– Xereus Purple over
– Daemonette Hide vertical from airbrush
– Pallid Wych Flesh, as above
– White from airbrush, spots only

Then we add something interesting:
– sponge-applied Vallejo Air Rust
– Agrax Earthshade wash in recesses only
– weapons in black
– sponge-applied Vallejo Chrome on weapons

Then some detail and there we go: a repeatable, simple yet effective paint scheme for my renegade Dark (not so dark really) Eldar :)

Expect more of those in next wave, with Raiders, Venoms and other stuff! :)

Dark Eldar Lhamaean

Finally time to show the Lhamaean ready!

This is a Finecast model from GW, very detailed miniature with a sleek and sexy looks. Base comes from Scibor Miniatures. Model painted with acrylic colours plus Vallejo metalizers.

It took me some time to give her some final retouch, not much time for painting lately. You can see ‘in progress’ photos in previous posts…

Stay tuned for more nice stuff coming from Sarmatia!


New Dark Eldar stuff in progress…

More new pics on the Lhamaean:


UPDATE on the Lhamaean models
One Lhamaean has been given basecoat and some violet/blue gradient plus skin tones. And a white shoe, which will go along white bra (I have to figure out how to do it) Still most of the model is TODO…

The two Dark Eldar Lhamaean models are waiting for being painted. One of them is a proper model, the second one is missing blood drop on a blade and the second blade is cut down (unfortunately Finecast issues…)

I started to paint the ‘proper’ one already, trying to get her sexy looks (after all, she is Archon’s private bitch ;)), I’ll upload more photos soon.