Blood Angels

Death Company Dreadnought

A Blood Angels’ Death Company Dreadnought with close combat weapons.

The looks are simple, it is meant to be plain and clean. Attention is put to details on all the armour plates and edges and all the tiny bits. It is a Death Company after all, so grim darkness is the way to go. Over-coloring it was not an option. And no gold on the whole miniature :)

Hope you like it.

Astorath the Grim

Not many news last time, we’re having vacation :)

But I’m still sometimes at a workbench, now completed my long-forgotten Blood Angel model Astorath. A very nice model, there are many ways you can think of making it, I chose a standard Blood Angels scheme, with a lot of attention to details.

UPDATE: I retouched the mini a bit. Now it has cleaner wings.


Some more Blood Angels coming soon…


Astorath the Grim Work in progress! Photo shows the model and my fuel for painting :) Astorath is really nice figurine to look at. I hope he will be at least as nice as the Gabriel Seth model.



This is a short WIP on our workbench. Astorath the Grim will be next piece after Gabriel Seth has been shipped to his new owner :) I really found painting Seth very refreshing experience, it was cool model in a grim and angry pose, and now I want to make Astorath in same manner.


We do take commissions. Single characters and full detail work is what we like. Want your character model to stand out on any battlefield? Contact us!

Gabriel Seth in progress…

Some badass guy from Flesh Tearers chapter is here! He’s half-finished, with only main part of armor + head painted and the hands + weapon are still pure chaos black.
My point here is to make him look grim and dark. I didn’t like usual white robe he is presented in, I instead picked some ‘bishop purple’ for the cloak and did the painting with airbrush (cloak detail still TODO). And I avoid gold on this mini, there’s no tinky-winky shiny pieces on such a grim character! I eventually may end up doing a bloody splash on his armor, a mark of just-ripped apart enemy. What do you think? 😉