Astorath the Grim

Not many news last time, we’re having vacation :)

But I’m still sometimes at a workbench, now completed my long-forgotten Blood Angel model Astorath. A very nice model, there are many ways you can think of making it, I chose a standard Blood Angels scheme, with a lot of attention to details.

UPDATE: I retouched the mini a bit. Now it has cleaner wings.


Some more Blood Angels coming soon…


Astorath the Grim Work in progress! Photo shows the model and my fuel for painting :) Astorath is really nice figurine to look at. I hope he will be at least as nice as the Gabriel Seth model.



This is a short WIP on our workbench. Astorath the Grim will be next piece after Gabriel Seth has been shipped to his new owner :) I really found painting Seth very refreshing experience, it was cool model in a grim and angry pose, and now I want to make Astorath in same manner.


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