Tabletop+ level examples

A regiment of Black Orcs? A unit of Space Marine Terminators? Or maybe a group of Cryx Bane Knights? Yes, you can have it painted to a good quality! Our ‘Tabletop’ level is how most of us want our armies to be done. Nice, neat and clean, with use of many techniques like lining, drybrushing, dipping, washing etc. Of course, it’s you to decide – if you want it dipped, then we dip it. If you want it lined&washed – we line and wash it.

Price span is quite wide here – miniatures come in many shapes & sizes and there will be many painting schemes that you may want us to do, so we leave an open door for you to negotiate the final price. Do drop us a line (you can use contact form) if you want to ask!

One thing for sure, you won’t be disappointed with our ‘Tabletop’ level. Your regiments painted to this standard are going to look cool & eye-catchy on any table top!


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