Price guide

Here you will find a short price guide that will introduce you to our painting levels.

Take a look at the chart below and example pictures. All our prices are individually negotiable – tell us what you need (you may use contact form here) and we may start discussing the price!

 Level/Model type Infantry Cavalry/jetbike Monstrous infantry/cavalry Monster/vehicle
I – Basic
6$+ 12$+ 20$+ 60$+
II – Tabletop
12$+ 25$+ 40$+ 90$+
III – Wargamer
20$+ 40$+ 50$+ 120$+
IV – Masterclass
Prices negotiated individually
Click image to see more examples

Level I – Basic

Just basic colors, 1 lighting and wash or dipping, looks nice on hordes armies, like skaven, skellies, anything that you might consider to field in horde units (60+ slave rats anyone??).

See example to the left (click thumbnail to see more)




Click image to see more examples

Level II – Tabletop+

Yes we know You don’t like dipping method or lots of washes and drybrush. Our drones can paint your miniatures using standard techniques.

Want a cool looking army of Tomb Kings or Grey Knights?? Go for ‘Tabletop’ level. Carefully selected colours + some highlighting and lining + wash or quick shade = got yourself a superb elite unit or front rank in horde armies!!


Click image to see more examples

Level III – Wargamer

You like beautiful things don’t You?? A whole army done this way? Be our guest, we can guarantee that you’re going to have the best looking army in the tournament!

All the super secret techniques will be used at ‘Wargamer’ level to paint your minis to a high standard (yes we use magic on them).


Click image to see more examples

Level IV – Masterclass

The Masterclass level is dedicated to those of you, who especially admire good painting. We use all of our super powers here, we guarantee individual approach to every miniature, so that – either for gaming or for display purposes – you get finest quality painting every time.

Click the picture to see examples!


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