Work in progress

Skarr Bloodwrath in progress

It is time to make some Warhammer models. This is the newest Skarr model (released yesterday). Work in progress. Model made with alternate head option. For me, much better than the ‘cover’ one. Still, not sure if I will attah the extra flails to the axes. Looks more classy without them.

Base made of PlayDoh :) A scrap piece that was left to dry for a long time, I find pieces like that in my kid’s room sometimes. Make perfect volcanic rock.

Herald of Slaanesh WIP

This is my new Daemonette of Slaanesh, just released by GW today.
Photos are ‘work in progress’, still much needs to be done for her to look good :)

I will post the finished images in a few days, so stay tuned!


Chaos Chariot in progress

This is a new Chaos Chariot form GW, released 2.02.2013.

80% finished, now needs some final touch.
This is an awesome model, great looks and many options. Plus you can field the Chaos Lord on foot rather than on chariot. I magnetized his legs, so putting him on base is very easy.

Be looking forward to see final version soon!


New Dark Eldar stuff in progress…

More new pics on the Lhamaean:


UPDATE on the Lhamaean models
One Lhamaean has been given basecoat and some violet/blue gradient plus skin tones. And a white shoe, which will go along white bra (I have to figure out how to do it) Still most of the model is TODO…

The two Dark Eldar Lhamaean models are waiting for being painted. One of them is a proper model, the second one is missing blood drop on a blade and the second blade is cut down (unfortunately Finecast issues…)

I started to paint the ‘proper’ one already, trying to get her sexy looks (after all, she is Archon’s private bitch ;)), I’ll upload more photos soon.


Some more Blood Angels coming soon…


Astorath the Grim Work in progress! Photo shows the model and my fuel for painting :) Astorath is really nice figurine to look at. I hope he will be at least as nice as the Gabriel Seth model.



This is a short WIP on our workbench. Astorath the Grim will be next piece after Gabriel Seth has been shipped to his new owner :) I really found painting Seth very refreshing experience, it was cool model in a grim and angry pose, and now I want to make Astorath in same manner.


We do take commissions. Single characters and full detail work is what we like. Want your character model to stand out on any battlefield? Contact us!

Gabriel Seth in progress…

Some badass guy from Flesh Tearers chapter is here! He’s half-finished, with only main part of armor + head painted and the hands + weapon are still pure chaos black.
My point here is to make him look grim and dark. I didn’t like usual white robe he is presented in, I instead picked some ‘bishop purple’ for the cloak and did the painting with airbrush (cloak detail still TODO). And I avoid gold on this mini, there’s no tinky-winky shiny pieces on such a grim character! I eventually may end up doing a bloody splash on his armor, a mark of just-ripped apart enemy. What do you think? 😉

Hive Tyrant WIP

Here are some photos of my new Hive Tyrant. The beast is assembled, now ready to begin painting!
I tried to make it as playable as possible, so I magnetized all the weapon options (talons, one evil gun, other evil gun) and they’ll be interchangeable. Also the body is made into 2 segments, which can be separated for transport. And the head stays on a magnet as well, so he may look in different directions :)
I will post an update on this model once it’s finished. It will be fun to paint I think. Stay sharp!