Finished painting projects

Here’s a newly finished Skarr model. New from GW, this guy originally sports two flails, another helmeted head and additional plates of armor. I disliked the looks of that stuff, so my Skarr is made with alternative head from the blister and wields with just two axes. Looks more barbarian and more human. Still, mutilated by chaos (see flesh that lurks from beneath the skin).

Death Company Dreadnought

A Blood Angels’ Death Company Dreadnought with close combat weapons.

The looks are simple, it is meant to be plain and clean. Attention is put to details on all the armour plates and edges and all the tiny bits. It is a Death Company after all, so grim darkness is the way to go. Over-coloring it was not an option. And no gold on the whole miniature :)

Hope you like it.

Moria Goblin Army!


This is Moria Goblins army, painted by Bartłomiej Cichy and featured by Sarmatia Painting Studio. Commanded by Goblin King Groblog, reinforced by the dreaded Dweller in The Dark. The army also sports several regiments of Goblins (57 goblins on foot altogether) as well as Warg Marauders for fast attack and a Troll for heavy aid in combat.

Material: Plastic, metal, resin (Finecast). Miniatures painted with acrylic paints, true metallics.

Chirdren of Torment Helbrute

First off, this was to be a test model for realistic chipping techniques. But I liked it so much that I did some nice work on it plus added a base with Chaos star and here we go!

Do not be deceived by colour: this is not Nurgle kin, this belongs to the Children of Torment – Slaaneshi followers who have joined the cause of Abaddon and serve Chaos as a part of Black Legion. They were depicted in ‘Black Legion’, a Codex supplement releases in 2013.

Will be for sale on eBay soon!



I painted this for 40k intro-gaming, along with 3 Warriors (need to photo them as well). The scheme is eye-candy with no real pro painting (gloss overall, only carapace is matt). This is a badass Alien villain the Marines will surely shoot at :)