About us


We’re a young miniature painting studio from Krakow, Poland.

Below you can find short information about each of us:



The youngest in the studio. Most people call me Aga, but Przemo is calling me “red”.

I play dwarf army in WFB. Like to play white colors, especial bright ones, well im a women so…

O and one thing, i do all the packaging in studio, so i can assure you that your packed will arive all in one pice to you!





I’m Kacper- mostly known as “Goat” in the studio.

About me? I got interested in war games ten years ago. I have to say that I prefer painting than gaming. You can call me the fastest painter in the universe ;] I also enjoy making conversions – so if you want great looking individual – call me 😉

My last army is Khador for W&H – love that minis!

Favorite studio quote? Przemo says that i often use one word- “awesome!” 😀





I’ve been into model making from my early days, making aircraft models, tanks, dioramas etc. I turned to wargaming some time ago and up to now I remain completely plunged into the hobby.

I love fantasy and sci-fi, I’m a big fan of Cyberpunk and every good science-fiction.

Favourite game: Warhammer Fantasy Battle

I also do websites, so the page you’re viewing is basically maintained by me.


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