Skarr Bloodwrath in progress

It is time to make some Warhammer models. This is the newest Skarr model (released yesterday). Work in progress. Model made with alternate head option. For me, much better than the ‘cover’ one. Still, not sure if I will attah the extra flails to the axes. Looks more classy without them.

Base made of PlayDoh :) A scrap piece that was left to dry for a long time, I find pieces like that in my kid’s room sometimes. Make perfect volcanic rock.

Death Company Dreadnought

A Blood Angels’ Death Company Dreadnought with close combat weapons.

The looks are simple, it is meant to be plain and clean. Attention is put to details on all the armour plates and edges and all the tiny bits. It is a Death Company after all, so grim darkness is the way to go. Over-coloring it was not an option. And no gold on the whole miniature :)

Hope you like it.