Dragon Ogres of Chaos

Another mission accomplished today!

Dragon Ogres are ready and out on CoolMiniOrNot for you to vote.

They were real pleasure to paint and assebmle. This majestic-looking 3-Ogre regiment was made to carry great weapons. Box contains options also for 1 or 2 hand weapons, but I considered this option most formidable.
Paints used: acrylics, ‘liquid gold’ metalizers for armour plus some oil paint to give a soft highlight to the skin.

I hope you like them!

Also be looking at our auctions on eBay, there’s some interesting stuff there :)



Chaos Chariot in progress

This is a new Chaos Chariot form GW, released 2.02.2013.

80% finished, now needs some final touch.
This is an awesome model, great looks and many options. Plus you can field the Chaos Lord on foot rather than on chariot. I magnetized his legs, so putting him on base is very easy.

Be looking forward to see final version soon!