The Lord on the Undeath, cruel and fearsome Chaos Warrior who has been risen from the death by a powerful necromancer and now stands on side of Vampire Lords!
This is Krell, a new miniature from GW released Jan’12. A Finecast model with a custom-made, fancy scenic base :)
Hope you like it!


Dark Elf Witches

Some nice looking DE painted by me. Pretty nice minis. Not much details on them but anyway tried to do my best. You can also see level differences on the photo. It’s part of upcoming biiig unit – 50+ models. So stay focused for the updates!


Wight King

The Wight King is here! It’s a new miniature from GW, released this January, a fully-detailed plastic model, for which I made a custom scenic base with some zombies crawling out of the mud. Gloomy and dark, as we all like it 😀 The Wight King is also completely playable, you can remove him from the scenic base and he sdands on his own standard base.