Hive Fleet emerges….

Hooah! There are the photos of first Tyranid detachment leaving the HIVE!

They’re now waiting until somebody buys them on eBay so that they can infestate his (or her) house and turn it into another spore colony, muuahahahahahahha 😀


Update 24.09: we’ve got 10 Hormagaunts ready! They’re painted & dipped on ‘Basic’ level, with some blood&gore on them.
In progress: 26 Genestealers and some big bosses, including a Hive Tyrant and a very old Biovore!
Come back later for updates on this project!

Few days ago , we put our hands on some tyranids models! We though…why not – lets make a hive fleet! Its gona be lvl 1 . And Yes its gonna go to E-Bay!

What so interesting You may ask? There are some rely old metal models!! Some  hardcore stuff for real collectors :) And we gonna make conversions also :) Pictures of VIP coming soon!

Ogre Kingdoms Thundertusk, Mournfangs & Ironblaster

Hooray! We have the new Ogres finished! We can already show you the final effect on the Thundertusk and Mournfang Cavalry! Look at the Thundertusk’s page at Cool Mini Or Not HERE and vote!
What is still TODO is the Ironblaster, which requires final retouching and we will post its photos too.

We hope you like our Ogre Kingdoms minis. I think they’re made to a very good standard. And with no snowy base.* And with no blood all over.** I think that people often tend to overuse these ‘firework’ techniques (my opinion only – you may disagree) and we prefer to keep our minis quite clean.

BTW, do you like the big beastie’s base? I think I’ll do a tutorial on how to make it, because it’s really simple. You just need a proper styrofoam (Styrodur is the trade name for it in Poland, I don’t know in English(?)) and a sharp knife.

* If you want snow on your minis, we’ll be more than happy to add it :)
** If you like blood (yeeeahh!) we can do it, and we can do it quite well, so that blood looks realistic (look at the severed orc hand hanging from the Thundertusk’s back)