River Trolls underway

Hi, I’d like to show you my new River Trolls. What is nice about them? Well, I got four of them out of a 3-box 😀 Fhe fourth one is emerging from the water, so I needed just head plus 2 hands. This was Przemo’s idea and I did all the glueing&painting.

UHU epoxy gluePoxipol TransparentI plan to make bases look like swampy, shallow water. For this, I use UHU Quickset epoxy glue – it’s perfect consistency and transparency. Yesterday I tried to use ‘Poxipol transparent’ instead, but it looked like sh*t… So if someone wants to do the same, I really recommend UHU.

As you can see, one Troll is quite finished (except the base) and the three others wait for applying highlights & saturating with inks.

On a group picture you can also see an old metal River Troll that I did before the new plastic box was released. My painting improved since then, but I still very much like the overall colours on this one plus the basing scheme which looks cool for me (again UHU epoxy glue).

I will update this when I get them finished!


Grey Knights

Here come the Grey Knights!

This is the beginning of my own GK army, I hope I can find some time to paint new stuff.

Thing worth noting: the Dreadknight has both firearms removeable plus you can exchange one of them for the heavy Incinerator simply by removing one pinned element and inserting another. Same can be done with sword/hammer.

Orcs & Goblins Arachnarok Spider

I finally have my Arachnarok done!

Thing worth noting, the base resembles a typical Polish forest with a lot of branches, shrubs, moss and also some mushrooms & berries. The pieces of wood are natural and wero collected in a park near the studio :) Ok, we do not have such big and red-coloured mushrooms (nor this size spiders or skeletons laying there and there), but still it looks quite familiar.

Spider’s legs were repositioned so that the spider rises up ready to attack. It required some cutting and glueing, but I think it was worth the effort. Also the Great Shaman and his ‘move in so I can hit them with my staff’ platform is removeable and you can replace it with the spider web catapult.